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SAMdisk V3.5
by Simon Owen, write .DSK back to Floppy on Windows
Pro-DOSBoot V1.9
Pro-DOSSystem V1.9
 It is a full Operating System that Provides compatibility with CP/M 2.2. In simple terms this means that a whole world of software that was designed to run under CP/M 2.2. will now run on the SAM Coupé. Pro-DOS uses the same Disk format as the Amstrad PCW 8256 and, as a result, it can read disks from this machine direct, this also Means that there is a vast range of software already available from sources such as Public Domain libraries.

ALPD V1.9-Patch V1-8
 ALPD is Pro-DOS V1.9 that has been patched by Edwin Blink to work with the Atom Lite interface, which Edwin also designed. If you like an Atom Lite interface then contact Edwin from his web site.

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