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Guillaume TELLO STDesk,This tool enhances your desktop.
1) All Resolutions:
 -new icons for drives, CD roms, floppies
 -now icons for some type of files (images, tos, etc...)
 -sound played at startup
 -background pattern
2) ST LOW:
 -icons are in color
 -window elements in color
 -menu bar in color (TOS 1.4/1.6)
ProTracker V2.0
ProTracker STE is one of the best programs for editing music on the Atari.
Floppy Image V1.0.2
FdInstall V1.0.1.11
 Pera Putnik, "Purpose of this program is making image files of floppies in first place, for usage with emulators on PC. It works under Windows XP, Win2K and later. For instance it can fast make images of 800KB, 1600KB floppies. It is thankfully to Simon Owen, who wrote fdrawcmd - low level floppy driver, which overrides limitations of standard Windowses floppy driver. So, first thing is that you install fdrawcmd on your Windows. It is for built-in floppy drives, not for USB externals."

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